Coming up with  Chef Vimals Fun food

Sometimes it’s just one of those casual days when you feel lethargic and dont want to get into anything ,still you end up cooking something and there you go…..

I was at some of my clients farm to brief my guys for the setup . I told my guys ,”i am not a part of the evening…just tweak  few thing here and there and it’s sorted.The moment I touched few garnishes and sauces it started happening😁……food plays it’s magic and I was there till the end of the show to make sure every plate has own beauty.

Food is such which motivates u to create once you touch it…blessed to have food a part of my life.

People say it’s music which makes you on….for me it’s just a simple food and I leave nothing to make to look pretty and divine in soul.

Few Pass rounds

1.Brown crostini with red cabbage sauerkraut , hung curd

2.Sushi with wasabi and pickled ginger

3.Cottage cheese satay with peanut sauce in sikhoras

4.Pesto, roast aubergine,burnt garlic , Parmesan thin crusts

5.Lebanese hummus with olives and extra virgin oil

6.Mighty Mexican cheese corn pepper roll

How about Vegerarian Italian food Cooking 

Yaa……!! For Sunday lunch  my two adorable darlings  Akshat and Ananya demanded for  Italian feast, Couldn’t deny them other wise I had to listen from them ‘you are being a hotel chef only‘,moreover  i realised being a chef ma i have to show my Italian feathers to kidos

.So on their demand had to prepare at home some of the Italian delicacies.Everything came out so mind blowing  and tasty.

1) Two varities of Pastas , Penne Pasta in red spicy Ariabiata sauce and Spiral pasta in Alferdo sauce with lot of parmesan on top.

2)Italian Home made Hotel style vegi thin crust Pizza.

3)Spaghetti in Bolognaise Sauce.

4)Foccasia bread

Just yummy Sandwiches 

In Chefs Sangeeta Cooking Studio my International Sandwiches class over with yummy sandwiches at Hotel JaisinghGarh. Students of cooking studio really enjoyed learning  different types of sandwiches with plate presentations and dips.  

Really thought of 

sharing the knowledge.

Indian Sushi Chef Vimal fusion Style 

Well as u all know abt the Chef Vimal and his fusion style of cooking.This time in his cooking demo at Shaurya garh resort and spa at Udaipur Rajasthan he created and cooked something very new and innovative Indian fusion veg sushi.Most of u don’t like sushi but this time u wont stop eating i bet if u get a chance to eat.He made a extra ordinary yummy Indian wasabi piquant sauce .What was so facinating was that he did not use the rice and sea weed,  instead have given a twist with sama rice (Barnyard millet) and for the outercovering used the Yam leaves.Doesn’t it sounding interesting.Yes this was his twist with different fillings and crunch was given by roasted wheats. 

Hard work and lot of patience behind a cooking trails make u Chef Vimal Dhar

Hi friends  this time enjoy and learn with  chef Vimal his passion of  fusion cooking with innovations.Do u think Is it so easy? No my dear friends  this happens with lots of on going thinking , passion and  trails  for  the taste chef wanted or thought of his dish.Here  no one or nothing can  stop him getting crazy.Cooking for us is like our dream coming true.

love , peace, pleasure and more for next time

Would love to share some of cooking trils For final presentation had to wait little more in chef Vimal fusion cooking.