Back into mood of cooking something innovative and purely Indian and healthy

Seeing on the Indian cart hockers selling

Jamun (Faux Pistachier ), attract me a lot for its colour. Jamun fruit is a mixture of sweet, slightly sub acid spicy flavour that stands out even after eaten since it turns the tongue into purple color. The fruit is universally accepted to be very good for medicinal purposes, especially diabeticsCreated the earge to go for something from it,here comes complete Indian dessert .In a new form so called Jamun O Jamun soft incredible cheese cake like consistency.Tried four five times,than comes the perfect one which I wanted .


Navratri Festival …..reflection of beautiful Culture ,never ending Joy and Vicorty over all Evils and Enjoyment of Sativ food

Jai ho Mata rani ki !!

Navratri festival is spiritually  celebrated to worship maa Durga for all 9 days in different swaroopas .Never to forget as its know as a festival of celebration and Victory over Evils. This festival is also a signifance to purify  soul and body by keeping Vrat. Keeping the Upvas and doing daily prayers  with recitation of sholakas, one can evoke our inner positive energy with blessings of Maa Durga.With this vision to all worshipers we decided to offer a concept of Vrat ki Thali(Feast ) for all 9 days with different combinations of Shegari platters and thalis.

May the blessings flows to lives…


Cooking stamps our togetherness!! learning, teaching, love, respect, fun all together at one place makes you more strong for each other.

Vimalsangeet – literally means soothing music. We go musical when we start talking and experimenting with something new and creative with any basic ingredient. It’s mostly pleasurable when it comes from Sangeeta and I love plating and presenting it.

Force behind our successful Ideas, innovation, trials,Cooking competitions, critics and bounce back is mutual effort but strongly backed by Sangeeta.

What a pleasure working in each other’s company and amazing team makes it robust and successful.

‘One should cook with passion, with positive ideas inculcated in food’, it’s just a saying……… But truly it’s a blessing to be able to cook for someone. just divine!!

Feeling Thankful…

Food for joy and love

When there is kitchen there is food and when there is food …somebody must have made it and someone will be tasting it too and give feedbacks….at the end of it what matters is the satisfaction of having made and serve to people.

keeping the story short and coming to the dishes and presentation part 😊😊

We tried …..

+Papak makai rolls with spicy makhani and multigrain rotis

+Shakker para rings with Choorma cakes and jaggery sauce(    )

+My favourite “creamy sama with roast pumpkin and baby tomato salsa